I’d love you to help me to help you.

We all have overflowing inboxes (and lives) so I want to make sure my newsletter/blog and social media is as helpful to you as possible.

So here’s the deal… Let me know your TOP THREE health and lifestyle challenges i.e. the things you’d love to change that would most help you manage your perimenopause symptoms and/or prepare for healthy, vibrant ageing (it could be around exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, energy, weight, life balance, self care – or something else you want to improve).

You could win a digital copy of The Wisdom of Menopause by Dr Christiane Northrup OR Live Happier, Live Longer by Dr Timothy Sharp.

The Wisdom of Menopause is one of the most popular books about perimenopause/menopause. It not only explains what happens to our bodies but also gives practical tips on managing symptoms and creating a more positive attitude to this phase of life.

Live Happier, Live Longer focuses on the key things we can do to increase our happiness and wellbeing as we get older, from emphasising the importance of positive thinking and the benefits of physical activity, sleep and relaxation to the practical benefits of continuing to strive towards motivating goals.

To go into the draw for one of these great books, please email your top three health & lifestyle challenges and your choice of book to karen@vibrantliveswellbeing.com by Friday 11 September 2015.

Thank you for your input – and good luck!