Take time for yourself- write a list of the things that nourish you and commit to doing at least one of them in the next weekAs we try to navigate our way through the “silly season” I thought it would be a good time to revisit this post about self-care.

We women aren’t particularly good at looking after ourselves. It often seems that everyone and everything else comes first: work, boss, kids, partner, friends, parents, even household chores.  And now of course, there’s the “franticness” of the holiday season.

It’s easy to convince ourselves we don’t have the time, but we need to find – or create – it. Self-care is a necessity, not a nice-to-have. Chronic stress and burnout are linked to increased risk for major illnesses including depression, stroke and heart disease, and early death. Stress can also become a roundabout as we hit perimenopause.

And if you’re really honest with yourself, are you sure you don’t have the time? How much time do you spend on social media, or doing things that don’t really matter or aren’t urgent?

What if you could reclaim half a day, an hour, or just 10 minutes? Studies show that taking time for ourselves to do the things we enjoy, that have meaning for us, or that allow us to relax, unwind and recharge allow us to better manage the demands of life. I bet we could all do with some of that!

Three action points

  1. Get a cup of tea and a piece of paper. At the top of the paper write ‘Things that nourish me’ then underneath write everything that comes into your head. It could be things you’ve done in the past that you enjoyed, or activities you’ve always wanted to try. It doesn’t matter whether it’s calming, energising or reflective; what’s important is that it’s something YOU want to do.
  2. Pick three things from your list that you can do in the next week. If three feels unrealistic right now, choose just one.
  3. Now, grab your diary or calendar, schedule what you’ve picked into the next week and commit to it. If you need to take some action to make it happen e.g. get someone to look after the kids, reschedule something non-urgent – do it so you can put yourself first.

Enjoy, you deserve it!  I’d love to hear about what your favourite self-care activity is.