I’ve just come back from a very relaxing week in paradise (otherwise known as Fiji).

I had big plans to do some work/study/life planning by the beach, but when I got there I realised that what I wanted  – and needed – was to just take time out to relax, recharge and revitalise. So I spent quality time with my partner, snorkelled while he went diving, read several books, had a massage in a beach bure from one of the local villagers, and spent a lot of time doing not much! For me, it was the ultimate in self-care.

Of course it’s a lot easier to do things just for you when you’re away from home and the responsibilities of earning a living, household chores, family etc., but I’ve come back determined to make a few changes and hang on to some of that holiday feeling.

Three of the things I really loved that I want to continue now I’m home (apart from basking in the warmth and sunshine which is noticeably absent from cold, grey, early-Spring Melbourne!) were:

  1. Spending time really connecting with my partner (i.e. without thinking or worrying about other things)
  2. Just “being” – without feeling I should be doing something else
  3. Doing stuff I want to do e.g. reading for pleasure, having new experiences, meeting new people

And yes, it can be incredibly difficult to find time for these things when we’re caught up in “life”, but the more we do them, the more we appreciate the positive effect they have on our wellbeing. The other great thing is that regularly practicing self-care and what feels good creates positive habits so it becomes easier to integrate into your life.

What will you do today just for you?

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