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Women’s health

  • Dr Sara Gottfried: practical information on hormone health
  • Dr Christiane Northrup: lots of great information on women’s health including perimenopause and menopause (and on being an ageless goddess!)
  • Women to Women: an integrative medicine perspective on hormonal health, perimenopause, menopause and other health issues
  • Wellbeing: the online presence for Wellbeing magazine

Living a healthier, longer life

  • The Blue Zones: information, tools & recipes related to communities around the world where people live the longest
  • The Happiness Institute: simple, practical advice on experiencing more contentment and happiness from psychologist Tim “Dr Happy” Sharp
  • Pacific Medical Training: links to longevity and ‘living well longer’ information from a wide range of health experts and sources

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Making a difference

Coming soon! Downloads including fact sheets, and guides to help you prepare for healthy ageing