Happy New Year! I hope you had a great Christmas and holiday season with family and friends.

Do you love the idea of a fresh start and the endless possibilities that a new year offers But find yourself making resolutions that only last for the ‘new’ bit of the year?  You’re not alone: One study from the US found that only eight percent of us actually stick with resolutions.

Unfortunately this annual ‘set resolutions – forget resolutions’ approach can leave us feeling that, somehow, we’ve failed (note to self: you haven’t!).

For some people, the start of the year isn’t the best time to set new goals; there’s just too much else going on. For others, taking a different approach is the key.

Tips to help you create healthy habits that last:

  1. Start small: pick just one (or two) things you’d like to work on e.g. exercising more consistently, drinking more water
  2. Decide why these are important to you: I know that when I exercise and stay hydrated I feel happier and more positive (and less grumpy), and I have more energy.
  3. Be specific about what you want to achieve (write SMART goals) e.g.  I’ll start by walking for 30 minutes every evening, either around the neighbourhood or at the beach; and I will drink two litres of water every day.
  4. Think about what might help you achieve your goals e.g walking with a friend or your dog, listening to podcasts or audiobooks while you walk (my personal favourite), setting a reminder or alarm on your phone, filling your water bottles at the start of each day and adding some ‘flavour’ like lemon, lime or cucumber.
  5. Review your goals each week: What did you enjoy/not enjoy? What worked/didn’t work? What changes would help (don’t forget, you can change the actual goals)? And – this is really important… acknowledge and celebrate what you did achieve, no matter how small.

If you’d like help with creating healthy habits or just want to find out more about wellness coaching, please get in touch.  I’d love to hear from you.