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Move naturally (Blue Zone Lesson #1)

A little while ago I posted about the nine lessons for living well longer; the culmination of many years of research by Dan Beuttner and his colleagues in areas around the world where people live longer and healthier.

The first lesson is to move naturally – to be active without having to think about it. Blue Zones “longevity all-stars”, as Dan Buettner calls them,  incorporate a lot of incidental activity in

“Celebrate your Ageless Goddess” is back!

If you couldn’t get to our “Celebrate your Ageless Goddess” three-hour workshop on a weekday, we’re now running it on a Saturday. And holding it at the beautiful Mt Martha House has allowed us to offer it at just $35!

It’s an informative, practical workshop that will help you feel great and love life as you get older.

* Get evidence-based tips for living well longer
* Create an inspiring wellness vision board

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Nine lessons for living well longer

I’ve been enjoying reading The Blue Zones: 9 Lessons for Living Longer by Dan Buettner.

Dan has spent years travelling the world, meeting and studying communities known as Blue Zones, where lifestyle, diet and outlook have led to longer, healthier and happier lives, and where people often live into their nineties and even 100s!

Researchers have found common pro-longevity lifestyle elements among all Blue Zones communities. Even if “living well longer” isn’t

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Making time for self-care

Most of us dream of a world where we have plenty of time to relax, unwind and actually get around to doing all of the nourishing, creative things we don’t have time to do in real life.

The fact is that, for most of us, we have to make the time. Despite promises that technology would give us more leisure time, quite the opposite has happened. We’re busier and more stressed

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Seven Sisters Festival & Ageless Goddess Workshop

A couple of exciting things to tell you about….

I’ll be at the Seven Sisters Festival in Mt Martha this weekend, providing wellness & lifestyle coaching discovery sessions for the beautiful women who are attending, so if you’re going to be there, I’d love to see you!

My discovery sessions will run 25 minutes and show you how wellness & lifestyle coaching can help you create healthy habits that last, and stay

Weight, energy levels, fitness & pain – your biggest health concerns

If you’ve just joined us, welcome! And a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to my health and wellbeing survey. Here’s a wee peak into the results:

52% of survey respondents are aged 45 – 49
22.5% are 50-54
5% are 55-59
17.5% are 60-64
2.5% are 65+

Your biggest health concerns include excess weight, pain and mobility issues, low energy levels and lack of fitness, while your top health and wellness goals are being

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New Year, Healthier You – 15% Off!

Here we are, already halfway through January of the new year!  If you took time out to recharge over the festive season I hope you’ve been able to continue some of the nurturing practices from that time, such as focusing on self-care, spending time with family and friends and thinking about what you’d like to do in this new year – for you.

Speaking of the new year, do you love the

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What nourishes you?

As we try to navigate our way through the “silly season” I thought it would be a good time to revisit this post about self-care.

We women aren’t particularly good at looking after ourselves. It often seems that everyone and everything else comes first: work, boss, kids, partner, friends, parents, even household chores.  And now of course, there’s the “franticness” of the holiday season.

It’s easy to convince ourselves we don’t have

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Do you want to live well longer?

Have you set goals for healthier habits in the past but lost motivation after a few weeks or months? (I know I have!)

Would you like help creating the healthy habits you want, in your timeframe so that you can be happy, healthy and vibrant for as long as possible?

Wellness coaching helps you work out what you want (and WHY – which is really important) and then create a realistic, achievable

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Hormonal (Im)balance #5 – Better Sleep

How did you sleep last night? If you’re one of the one-in-three people who have difficulty getting a good night’s kip, take a look at the tips below. And if anxiety and stress have been keeping you awake, make sure you read last week’s post on managing stress.

Not having enough sleep – or getting poor quality sleep – sets us up for a host of adverse effects, from difficulty concentrating

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