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Health & Wellness Vision > Action Boarding Workshop

Visualisation has been proven to help people achieve their goals, and vision boards are a great way of bringing your desires and goals to life. Adding actions to your vision board makes them even more powerful – moving from dreaming to action!

At this nurturing three-hour workshop you’ll:

* Enjoy guided visualisations
* Set an inspiring wellness vision & motivating goals
* Create a gorgeous vision/action board

When: Saturday 9 September, 1.00pm – 4.00pm
Where: 1/7

August 14th, 2017|

Free discovery sessions & $49 mini lifestyle coaching sessions

I ran a couple of surveys recently to find out what your main health challenges are, how you’d like to feel and how I can best help.

Not surprisingly, you told me that if you could resolve your health challenges you’d feel: energetic, sexy, happy, joyful, satisfied, healthy, confident, more in control, on top of the world, proud, clear and focused… you get the picture!

The great thing is that wellness &

Here’s to a healthy (and awesome) 2017!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great Christmas and holiday season with family and friends.

Do you love the idea of a fresh start and the endless possibilities that a new year offers But find yourself making resolutions that only last for the ‘new’ bit of the year?  You’re not alone: One study from the US found that only eight percent of us actually stick with resolutions.

Unfortunately this annual

Slow down & live longer (Blue Zone Lesson #6)

Blue Zones Lesson #6 is very apt for many of us during this crazy, hectic time of year.

Unfortunately, our way of life tends to value busy-ness and constantly ‘doing’ over taking time to just ‘be’. Relaxation isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ though, it’s crucial to our health and wellbeing (see this article too), helping brain function and memory, protecting us from illnesses like depression and heart disease, and even

Do you have a purpose? (Blue Zone Lesson #5)

The Japanese call it ‘ikigai’, and Nicoyans ‘plan de vida’. Essentially it means “why I wake up in the morning”, and it’s your reason for being, or your purpose.

It can sometimes feel that there’s too much pressure to find our life’s purpose, but having one may help act as a buffer against stress and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, stroke and arthritis. An 11 year study following

Grapes of Life – we’re talking wine! (Blue Zone Lesson #4)

Have you had a chance to try some of the Blue Zones tips for being more active, eating less or including more plant-based foods in your diet?  I’d love to hear about any changes you’ve made.

In this Blue Zones lesson we take a look at the consumption of alcohol, especially wine.

Centenarians in all Blue Zones, except Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda, drink wine moderately but regularly. The Okinawans have

Two tickets for the price of one!

Just $50 gets you two tickets to the workshop, and half a day to focus on you.
We understand that as it gets closer to Christmas you’re probably keeping a close eye on your budget.  So we’re offering two tickets for the price of one to our Celebrate Your Ageless Goddess! workshop.



Join me and Sharyn Paul for this practical practical 4 1/2-hour workshop.

Get tips for feeling healthy, active and joyful

Wellness Walk and Talk is here!

Are you lacking motivation or feeling bored with your current exercise routine?
It’s easy to feel demotivated and sink back onto the couch for a Netflix binge rather than exercise – I know. Especially when the weather is still cold and grey.  So I’m excited to announce that bookings are open for my first Wellness Walk and Talk program – it’s a great opportunity to be more active, socialise with other

Plant Slant (Blue Zone Lesson #3)

I hope you’ve been enjoying learning about Blue Zones lifestyles and picking up a few ideas to try out yourself.

Although Blue Zones communities, other than the Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda California, aren’t vegetarian, they eat meat infrequently, perhaps just four or five times a month, and then only small serves which means they largely eat a plant-based diet.

Although experts don’t agree on whether a vegetarian diet is healthier

Do you Hara Hachi Bu? (Blue Zone Lesson #2)

Are you curious to find out what “Hara Hachi Bu” is and how it can help you live well longer?

The term is used before meals by Okinawan elders, some of the healthiest and longest-living people on the planet. It’s a reminder to them to stop eating when they feel 80 percent full – pretty much the opposite of many of us who eat till we feel we might burst.

According to