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April 7th, 2017|0 Comments

I ran a couple of surveys recently to find out what your main health challenges are, how you’d like to feel and how I can best help.

Not surprisingly, you told me that if you could

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Here’s to a healthy (and awesome) 2017!

January 13th, 2017|0 Comments

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great Christmas and holiday season with family and friends.

Do you love the idea of a fresh start and the endless possibilities that a new year offers But

Slow down & live longer (Blue Zone Lesson #6)

December 12th, 2016|0 Comments

Blue Zones Lesson #6 is very apt for many of us during this crazy, hectic time of year.

Unfortunately, our way of life tends to value busy-ness and constantly ‘doing’ over taking time to just ‘be’.

Are there things you’d love to be doing but you struggle to stay motivated and inspired? Could do with some 1-to-1 support and accountability to help you reach your health goals? Or perhaps you’d like some clarity around what it is you want to achieve?

Health and wellness coaching is a really effective (and fun) way of creating the healthy habits you want, in your own timeframe, with plenty of support, encouragement, inspiration and accountability along the way.

You’ll gain the confidence to make sustainable lifestyle changes so you feel healthier, happier, more positive and energised.

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I’m an accredited lifestyle, food & wellness coach and I love helping people create healthy habits and achieve their health goals.

I’m excited and inspired by how small, often simple, lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing. And by the “aha” moments people experience when they realise that coaching has given them the confidence and the tools to take charge of their own health to make lasting changes.

If you’re ready to lose weight, regain your energy, manage stress, be more active, eat healthily and get better sleep, I’d love to work with you!

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I'm part 'personal cheerleader', part 'personal trainer for your mind' - helping you overcome the motivation, time and energy issues stopping you from reaching your health goals. Coaching can be done by Skype or phone, and across all timezones 🙂

BOOK YOUR FREE 30 minute Discovery Session: You'll get crystal clear on what you want to achieve, what's currently holding you back from making changes and what working with me would be like.
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2 weeks ago  ·  

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Stressed? Most of the people I work with say stress is one of their main challenges. There are lots of reasons we get stressed, and lots of ways of dealing with it, but one of the best things we can do is focus on our breathing - it's simple, easy and it's free!

Take time out to sit (or stand) up straight and breathe slowly, deeply and consciously - not just into your chest, but into your belly.

Some people swear by the 4-7-8 method: inhale for the count of 4, hold for 7, and exhale for 8. But if that doesn't feel right, experiment and see what works for you; for example, breathe in for the count of four and out for five or six; when the exhale is longer than the inhale you help slow your heart rate and calm your body 🙂
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3 weeks ago  ·  

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Does this resonate with you? Has midlife been trying to get your attention to make some changes in your life? x ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago  ·  

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Think of me as your 'personal cheerleader' and a 'personal trainer for your mind' - helping you to overcome the motivation, time and energy issues that are stopping you from reaching your health goals.

Book a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session to help you get clear on what you want to achieve, what's holding you back and what working with me would be like:

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4 weeks ago  ·  

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